The Brandon Bluefins Swim Club requires the support of Parent and Swimmer Volunteer efforts in order to operate effectively.

To that end a Volunteer Point System has been introduced to encourage a fair distribution of these efforts throughout all of its members.

The club runs 2 swim meets throughout the swim season as well as a number of Fundraising Events. In an effort to keep swim fees for families at a manageable level these events are key to the financial health of the swim club.

Some examples of areas points are awarded for volunteer participation are:

  • On Deck Officials at Swim Meets
  • Board Volunteers
  • Event Planning Volunteers
Ultimately, the goal of this volunteer point system is to engage swim parents and their families in the program and also to allow some flexibility for families with busy schedules.
Sponsor - Brandon Bluefins - Brandon, Manitoba - Making a Splash in Westman
Brandon Bluefins - Brandon, Manitoba - Making a Splash in Westman

This system rewards those who dedicate time for a variety of volunteer activities such as becoming a board member, attending meetings, working fundraising activities all of which are required for the success of the swim club. Points are awarded based on time and effort required, skill level, knowledge, number of volunteers and club membership.

This system also rewards volunteers who fulfill vital leadership roles in the club such as Board Positions. These roles are weighted differently than activities. All club members are required to collect points in support the Brandon Bluefins Swim Club. If club members choose not to participate in a volunteer capacity they may buy out points as outlined below.

Club members may collect points during our official swim season from July 1 – June 30 each year. All club members are responsible for tracking their own points and notifying the club of their participation.

For more information please download the Brandon Bluefins Swim Club Volunteer Policy

Volunteer Credit System

Parent Meeting, Board Meeting and AGM Meeting each parent that attends will receive 10 points.

Meet Manager each meet 75
Chair of Officials each meet 75
Senior Officials each meet 75
Set up 20
Tear Down 20
Timers each session 20
Stroke & Turn each session 40
Head Lane Timer each session 40
Stroke Judge each session 40
Clerk of Course each session 40
Hytek/Ares each session 40
Hospitality Coordinator each session 40
Hospitality Helper each session 20
Program Sales each session 20
50/50 Sales each session 20
Donate Food 5
Safety Marshall each session 10
Marshall each session 20
Training Clerk of Course each session 20
Training Hytek/Ares each session 20
Timers 10
Marshalls 10
Turn and stroke 10
Stroke judge 10
Timers each session 40
Turn & Stroke each session 40
Head Lane Timer each session 40
Stroke Judge each session 40
Level 1 Timing 10
Level 1 Turn & Stroke 20
Level 2 Clerk of Course 40
Level 3 60
Level 4 80
Level 5 100

All positions held earn 200 points, if the position is co-chaired the amount is split.

MLCC Raffle – after compulsory ticket sales – 10 per book

2nd Fundraiser to be announced

Wheat Kings Hockey Games Every game per person 10
Creasys Hot Tub Every Saturday 10
Pancake Breakfast Every ticket sold 5
Parent Helper 10
Kids Serving 10
Swim a thon parent counter 10
50-99 raised 10
100-249 raised 20
250-499 raised 50
over 500 raised 75

Every sponsor obtained awards 10 points.